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Girugamesh, Gingy, Disney on stage.

I had the weirdest dream. I got tickets apparently to see some Disney performance (It was like a musical or something I don't even remember what movie it was xD) I take my seat and we're watching (more like listening since I don't remember ever SEEING the show) and all of a sudden I look at the people sitting in the row in front of me and my eyes like bulged and I noticed Satoshi sitting infront of me. I looked around, like excited and yet scared that they were seeing a Disney musical. I noticed one of them was missing. I'm going down the row and notice Shuu isn't sitting with them out of nowhere, as I'm noticing the missing person, this person in a Gingy costume comes up to me trying to hug me and I was like "O.O omg get away from me" (I have a fear of people in mascot costumes xD) This person was really into it, waving their arms hugging me over and over and I'm like in near tears until the person stands up straight and pulls the head off (Which btw, Disney employees are not allowed to do if they are in public xD) and I think my heart stopped when I saw Shuu's face and head emerge from Gingy's body. I was like in shock. He laughs and jumped over the seats, sitting in an empty one between Nii and Satoshi.

All of a sudden I had my niece in my arms and she's trying to get out of my arms and lap and I was once again left shocked but when you have a kid in your arms you suddenly become alert, so I grabbed her and looked around where she was waving her hands and looking and I saw my sister in the row in front of me and once again I was like "wtf?" so for some reason I sunk to the floor and crawled over to my sister and gave the baby to her.

Then I woke up...

And still I am like "wtf?" xD



Oh holy shit here we go.


I do not understand the plight of the world where stupid fucking MISSY is allowed to live. I can't even say that enough times to really understand it. She's so fucking brain dead. And I don't give a shit who on my friend's list is friends with her. I don't have her added and this is friend's only so if this leaks out (not like I fucking care it wouldn't be my first run in with the asshole) I'll know it was one of you.

I just can't understand the dribble that comes from her 60 year old flabtastic mouth. "I dated Die" "I met this person" Fucking shut the fuck up you delusional piece of shit. Why in god's name would Die...someone so fucking hot girls would literally pay to sleep with him, date a 60 year old living in NY? PLEASE OH HOLY LORD TELL ME WHAT MEDICATIONS SHE'S ON SO I CAN TAKE THEM AND LIVE IN FANTASY LAND AS WELL! I know people that actually met famous people. I know people that have had one or more "run ins" we'll say, with famous people and not ONE of them scream it from the rooftops. Sure, I don't doubt she's met people. Maybe even DEG but dating? yeah ok whatever.

You're an ugly ass troll, get over yourself, no jrocker wants you. Maybe Seek but that's being mean to Seek. A Fat Lolita wouldn't want you let along a young attractive Jrocker.

Also another thing you pathetic piece of old garbage. Stop with your dumb Sugizo bashing. You make no fucking sense. Sugizo was picked to fill in for hide in X Japan cause he had MASSIVE ties to X Japan and hide. He was great friends with them for a LONG time. No duh he was picked to be their fill in guitarist. MIYAVI HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FUCKING X JAPAN EXCEPT BEING THE RUN OF THE MILL FANBOY LIKE THE REST OF THEM. (Ok a "fan" not fanboy sorry I am mad.) Miyavi while yes a talented guitar player (I'll give him that for now) had NOTHING to do with X Japan. He wasn't a friend or anything, probably didn't know hide personally blah blah blah. I don't care if you're on Miyavi's dick now (or perhaps your medication makes you think you are) get over it. Sugizo is more talented than Miyavi's middle finger. I'm sorry. He is. Let's all be honest. Second.........................there is no second.

Also Sugizo has mentioned several times he was influence by music all over the god damn world. Stop pointing out that he "stole" things from Jimmy Page or whatever. Everyone steals styles, techniques etc. So Sugizo plays violin....so do 20 thousand other Japanese people doesn't mean he STOLE the violin act. There's about 3 billion people in Japan and Jrock that play the piano did they "Steal" it from Mozart? no. So shut the fuck up already.

You just WISH you were half as talented as Sugizo's big toe was. Dick head.

Also stop pretending Die left you and hurt you so much. DIE DOESN'T CARE! HE GOT A FUCKING RESTRAINING ORDER ON YOU FOR A REASON! Does it make you proud that whenever someone mentions "Die stalking" or "crazy rabid fanslut" you're the first one that comes to mind in ANYONE'S head? Die hates you, you are ugly, you are sad, you are pathetic and you are a loser so please leave poor Die alone. He has enough issues with his band being fugly at the moment to worry if you are going to jump out from behind a tree and scream "MY BOYFRIEND!" after a live and make him spill his starbucks.

In closing:

Shut your god damn mouth already cause you're sticking up our fandoms.

Oh and leave Aoi from Gazette alone, he doesn't need you stalking him. It's embaressing that someone as attractive as him has some ugly, old, crazy, med-ed up, loser, grandmother stalking him. I don't even like Gazette and I feel sorry for him.

Oooh Mayaatan!

I aspire to be like Maya from LM.C :D I'm so obsessed with him haha! I blame Magenta. I don't know why really considering -I- infected HER with LM.C diease but yanno...blaming people makes it easier xDDDD

She did buy the lollipops.

We can't eat candy like Maya *barfs all over the place*

I'm Maya with Aiji's stomach *dies all over in sticky colorful puke*

He's so cute and his voice is beautiful :)

Besides Mayaatan and my weekend (which I'll write about later) lol I've been secretly pissy because of some one (not my mother) but I'm not going to get into it because if I do I'll scream.

I accidentally downloaded a Girugamesh song lastnight and found myself hooked. I looked up the pv *___* it's a really nice song. The name is "koware teiku sekai" I think that's how it's spelt. Anyway good song. I've only heard 2 others and they were ok I'll have to listen to more before I decide I like them haha.


My LJ reminder thing says Kiku's bday is soon *sigh*

But now I'm going to eat my Chow Mein "Thai Peanut Flavored" meal thingie.

YEP yep.


I had the most weirdest dream, and yet it seemed so real I could feel everything that happened. It started off that I had to get to this destination a field. I'd been there before, I just didn't remember where exactly it was. I tried walking there but it was too long a walk, miles and miles away. I found a girl on a bridge in her car (again with the bridge) She was going to drive her car off the bridge. I convinced her not to and to drive me to where I had to go. We talked about random things she smiled at me and asked me who I was looking for and I said "I'm not sure...um..Kisaki?" and she said "Kisaki?" and like immediately it started getting dark and I knew I had to get to the place quickly. She got to a trailor park somewhere and I was running around. I found some one working on their trailor, I think I knew them. I was like "Listen do you know where the clearing to the field is?" and they were like "I don't remember" I was like "You HAVE to remember!" they told me to ask the head of the campground. So I ran there and panting frantically asked the woman at the desk if she could help me. She told me they were closed and to come back tomorrow. I said "Miss please! Just check! Kisaki there can't be too many Kisaki's around here please!" and she nodded. She handed me over a paper that he signed, his picture and an article on a big Matina get together. So I ran to where the paper said they were. And there were bleachers and they were watching some sports show and my fucking god it was EVERY band that had ever been involved with Matina. Even La'Mule. Infact Isuke was the first person I saw. He had on his bloody white jumpsuit and black army boots and he was standing up with his arms out over his head screaming at the sports game. I couldn't help but laugh. My eyes fell down to the bottom bleacher, where, sat, crossing his legs looking beautiful was Kisaki.
He turned to me and smiled. He was wearing a long black skirt and a long sleeved black shirt with his hair up in like the Matina film 3 ending I smiled staring at him and he waved me over. I walked closer handing him over the papers and I found it really hard to talk. Hisui was right next to him, smiling at me. I said "Kisaki, I've been looking for you" He smiled again, looking back down the at the papers. I sat down next to him and there was this girl with her knees to her chest sitting there. I asked her what was the matter and she started telling me how she won this poetry in memory of hide contest. I was like "wow.." and felt sort of sad because she looked really sad. She handed me over the pamlet and I saw her poem over a faded pink pic of hide, She stood up and patted my head, walking away. Kisaki told me that ment she liked me. He said I had a good heart and rare emotions (O.O) He stood up and took my hand leading me into a big house and up to a room. It looked just like my room but bigger, decorated the same, with my computer, bed, tv everything. I turned on the monitor for the computer and it was on. Kisaki laughed and told me to hurry up and get out I asked him why he said "This is Reika's room darling" I quickly pressed the button to turn off the computer so Reika wouldn't see anything on it.
We walked to a deary looking room and Kisaki told me that this was my room, the room where all the "newbies" stayied. I wondered what kind of newbie I was and to what. He told me to sleep and I said "Kisaki I don't want to sleep. I want to meet everyone" he told me in good time. So I laid in bed and I heard a creek in the floor, so I snuck out of bed and looked into the hallway, there was a light in Reika's room I was his outline, his shadow but I never got to see him. I was really happy, so fucking happy, being there with them, I couldn't wait till I got to meet everyone.

But I woke up before I got to meet anyone except Kisaki. And I never got to meet Reika. I didn't even see HIM, I saw his shadow ;_; makes me sad. lol

When you sleep a long time you have the ablity to have long ass dreams XD

2 part dream.

I was so damn tired and medicated lastnight I had two sorta scary but good dreams.. >_>;; Well one was good there was close to nothing good about the second except that Kao and Kyo were there..but let us proceed..

The first. I was in a big castle type thing, There was a long staircase and it was laced with people dressed in black cloaks, I turned as if I was suddenly aware of where I was and there stood Hisui, In a long black dress with his fuzzy black hat, just staring at me. I think I blinked a few times and Hisui smiled and said "Do you wish to stay here with us?" And I looked at all the people and shook my head "no" (incase I failed to mention or you didn't pick it up Hisui was like a vampire, a head vampire)he smiled resting his hand on my shoulder and told me to leave, but that I was "always welcome" O_O;; So I continued looking at the people and Hisui announced loudly that they wouldn't hurt me, So I made my way out into the day. I think it skipped to a few hours later and my friend found me in the streets, screaming about how we were being "hunted" and we needed to find a place to stay. I didn't HAVE anywhere and immeditatly thought of Hisui's castle so we went there and Hisui agreed to let us stay. I told him I was afraid of those people and he told me we (me and my friend) could stay in special rooms. He led my friend away from me and returned leading me to a dark room, a bed that had black sheets and such, all I could see was a pale arm and redish hair peeking from under the covers. Hisui handed me a blanket and pillow and I got scared cause he went to leave I was like "Hisu...I told you I'm afraid.." and he smiled and said "You and your friend are staying here, my personal servants know NOT to mess with you two and to protect you..you have nothing to fear." I asked him where my friend was and who that person in the bed was and he started laughing and said "Your friend is staying with my servant Yukina, You are staying here with Reika.." and left.

So I set up my blanket and pillow on the floor, still a bit afraid of the person in the bed. (*_* Reika) and a muffled voice groaned from the bed. I stopped in my tracks, staring at the bed and said "What?" Reika didn't move but said "why are you sleeping on the floor?" I stared at the pillow and was like "where else would I sleep?" and Reika tiredly patted the bed, next to him. I silently moved into the bed, shaking and I heard him muffle a laugh before he wrapped his arm around me. AND....-.- Then I woke up.

Enter second dream:

A few moments later I fell asleep again. I was living in a big apartment building, I guess I had been living there long enough to know everyone, except these two people. I've seen them enter their building and leave every now and then but nothing else. I went to ask one of the other neighbors who they were but the person wasn't there, It was odd because she was one of those homebound people. I shrugged it off but as days passed more people started disappearing. About 6 people from the building were missing, and one day it was hot and I decided to go to the beach with my mom and aunt so we're outside packing the car and there was police, and they are bringing out body parts and bodies all bloody and whatever, then I notice that they are dragging out my neighbor..the smaller of the two "strang" ones. I ran over and got a better look because his face was all bloody and it was Kyo, holding a head of my homebound neighbor. He had skinned her face O_O;; The medical people took the head and Kyo just stood there. Next the dragged out Kaoru in cuffs, his shirt was all bloody. I think I was in shock. Turns out Kyo had been killing people in the building and Kaoru was hiding the bodies and crap in his house. I smirked at Kaoru and Kyo and said "I like you two already" I licked Kyo's face (licked the blood off) and then woke up..

Yeah I don't understand it either -.-
Someone needs to kill me lmao.