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People need to grow up.

Haha People need to grow the fuck up, stop talking bullshit and out their asses.

If you have a fucking problem with me how about you stop being a fucking PUSSY and say it to me.

Because really no one believes ANY of the bullshit that spurs from your mouth so fuck off already.

And yeah, this entry IS to you.

You fucking immature, selfish, back stabbing waste of human flesh.

Need YOU as a friend? You've got to be kidding me. Seriously. GROW UP.

Guess what? the world doesn't REVOLVE AROUND YOU! People are going to talk to other people, your friends are going to get to know each other and be friends so FUCK OFF ALREADY. IT ISN'T ABOUT YOU.

Why would I need a friend that claims to hate popular shit but seems to get into everything when it's cool? Can't admit that she learned stuff from other people, claims to want to be an individual but forces herself into labels ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Why would I NEED someone that does nothing but use her friends until they can't give her anything and then replace them with the new fad.

Fuck you. Seriously you stupid fucking twat.

And since I'm not a pussy like said person, I'll leave this public since I've already fucking removed you from my friend's list.

And if you continue to talk about me to a certain someone I swear on my life I will beat the EVER LOVING SHIT out of you. Don't fucking tempt Me

Oh but that's another thing, you're a liar. "I stopped talking behind your back that was a mistake" oh really? funny since YOU'RE STILL FUCKING DOING IT YOU CUNT.

God go fall off a ditch somewhere x.x I'm done with you and your bullshit. You wonder why your friends "back stab" you or "leave you on bad terms" you're a two faced, selfish liar why wouldn't they.


Jun. 5th, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
Alright... this may be hard to admit but...

You are a bitch with a back bone made of mother fucking gundanium.

Which is why you're freaking awesome <3<3<3
Jun. 6th, 2008 05:18 pm (UTC)
Thanks XD <333