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If you want to be a wuss and continue to talk about me to other people cause you are just that and can't say it to my face you aren't as mature as you think you are. Seriously, If you continue to talk about me, I'm going to smash your fucking teeth in.

I was your friend, close friend, you're pushing me to the fucking limit here.

Keep doing it.

I broke my fucking hand you think I won't do the same to your face?

Apparently this is the "Kyomuffin" you like because you keep pushing me here. You pick pick and talk and talk and talk and not ONCE does ANYTHING that comes out of your mouth hold any god damn water because um you aren't man (or woman) enough to say it to my fucking face.

You're a child and I'm done.

And you wonder why Ryoko comments to you the way she does.

And stop with the fucking emo entries than deleting them or whatever. I still see them. And crying about a situation to make yourself seem like a victim to your friends is bullshit.

You are NEVER a victim. You create all this fucking drama and all these situations with your "friends" so stop with the fucking bullshit already.

And I was "in" the doll fandom way before you. You may have gotten me into the dolls but I was IN it WAY before you. I had what 6 dolls under my belt before you got your what one? so please. You only liked them like a month before me so it doesn't really count there.

You're jealous of EVERYONE I know or care about, Ryoko, Bliss, you hated Kiku and you didn't even fucking KNOW him yet you tell me I shouldn't be mad or hate Tara cause "she did nothing wrong" NOT A DAMN ONE OF MY FRIENDS DOES ANYTHING TO YOU. Fine Ryoko does now what did fucking Bliss ever do to you? What did Kiku ever do to you? What did ANYONE ever do to you? NOTHING. You hate them cause I like them. And your "oh she means a lot to me so don't talk about her" Ok, I care IMMENSELY a lot for Ryoko so stop talking about her. Stop talking about ANY of my friends cause I care about them. You try to control everyone "don't be friends with this person" "don't be friends with that person" but you have the NERVE to tell me off when I MENTION you replace people with other people. You make me laugh.

If you don't believe you replace people look at your myspace friend's list, look at Julian's new icon. Psh. You're as blind as you are childish.

You claim you should of learned YOUR lesson but no, I should of learned MY lesson. From the times this has come to this in the past and from all the others that suddenly "back stabbed" you or "left" you. Well believe me, I've learned now.

You are use to me shutting up and letting you say whatever you want but I'm not going to. Why should I? You don't allow ANYONE any grace if they like something and you don't you cut them or it down without a thought. Being judgmental is NOT being open minded as you "claim" you so are.

You even want to control what people LIKE. I'm not allowed to like certain animes, music, people, dolls etc cause "you don't like them". You even want to control what I do with my own dolls. "Don't spoil Shuya anymore" How about he's mine and I'll do what I want with him.

And don't shove how much money you spent on me in my face, I've spent a shitload of money on YOU through the years but I'm sure you don't remember any of it. Psh classy.

Go fucking fawn over Tara the narcissist and have Julian "fall in love with" every other doll he sees cause I'm sick of your shit.

And this is YOUR fault, not mine. Though, I'm sure you'll tell everyone a MUCH different story, as you always do.