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Just come back, just appear out of nowhere, just let us know you're ok.

I'm scared, I'm scared to start thinking of what could of happened to you.

How can you hide? How can you do this to the people that care about you? How can you turn your back on your friends?

What ever is going on in your life please, please don't just disappear..

How could you miss Kyohei's big day like that? are you mad at him? mad at Kisaki? mad at someone? Even Izumi showed up for it!

You're hurting him god damn it! He's a fucking mess and he wants you back in his life so fucking come back already!

I've never been mad at you till now, I know you don't know me and owe me nothing but how could you do this??

God damn it Hisui, where the fuck are you?

What is going on with you?

What is going on in your head?

Just fucking appear to SOMEONE so that we know you are ok god damn it!

Does Izumi know? Does Reika know? They do love and care about you...

Are you sad about Hizumi?

I wish I knew you, I wish there wasn't this "I don't know the answers" cloud over my head. I wish I didn't have to shed the tears of unknowing..didn't have to think about you like this..feel this way.. I just got Izumi back and you disappear..I just wish I knew what's going on with you....

If you are ok..

Please god let him be ok..


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May. 7th, 2008 06:05 am (UTC)

Hisui... for some reason I felt tears in my eyes last night. It was because I thought about Hizumi, then him.. Hisui must be in so much pain, but why is he just gone like this?

I am not asking him to be in music. Obviously, we know he won't do it anymore, but I just want him to come back. Let us know he's alright, even if he isn't feeling too well (mentally sad.)

*sighs and hugs you*

We can only keep praying he's alright and that he will eventually show SOME sign he's alright...

May. 7th, 2008 06:20 am (UTC)
I was sad..am sad on and off. I wish I could chalk it up to Hizumi but Hisui's been fading away for a long time. I'm mad at him, I mad to the point of tears to what he is choosing to do..It's fucking Izumi all over again.

Ugh I really can't think about it anymore I've been crying for two hours..
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